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Welcome to Centro Martinelli and thank you for choosing us!

We are the first cynophilist centre born in Umbria in 1995, and we still are known at regional and national levels thanks to our history, work ethics, results and very large structure (30.000 square meters), where there are five grass fields, two sandy fields, one box area for dogs which attend the dog pension and two large parkings for car and camper.

Here are listed the achievements we made in 2016:
-2 days Agility race (CSEN circuit): 200 participants.
-3 Agility races each of one lasting two days (ENCI circuit): 720 participants.
-1 truffles research challenge: 100 participants.
-1 Rally Obedience race: 20 participants.

At the moment our official website is in Italian, but we would have the pleasure to answer your important requests in English.

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Centro Martinelli

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